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sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Llega la TERCERA BETA-Pixelmon 3.3.2

No, no está Lugia todavia... pero han añadido 7 pokemons nuevos de johto y arreglaron el problema con las pokeballs.

Pixelmon 3.3.2 - LINK

Changes - LINK

viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014


Salió la 3.3.1 beta, si gente, otra beta, pero con menos bugs que la anterior, esperemos XD.

Pixelmon 3.3.1 -- LINK



  • Egg moves now work.
  • Made compatible with Java 1.6
  • Statues no longer disappear for only the player who left-clicked
  • Made it so if a player logs off their ranch Pokemon are retrieved
  • Reworked Poké Ball model loading
  • Altered name matching in EnumPokemon to ignore the "-" in Porygon-Z when matching
  • Redid ChooseMoveSet GUI, now scrolls
  • Renamed GuiPokemonList to ChooseMoveset
  • Cleaned up and fixed /breed
  • Made compatible with Java 1.6
  • Fixed a PC crash when clicking too far right
  • Fixed being able to send out an Egg in battle again
  • GUI fix for new Poké Balls
  • Possible NPE fix with AIWander
  • Fixed Quick Ball outside of battle
  • Fixed Sturdy battle error
  • Fixed OreDict compatibility properly
  • Fixed NEI for good
  • Fix to Pokemon PC boxes being reassigned once Pokemon spawned outside
  • Fix to being able to send out Egg if swapped into selected slot
  • Fix to drop/pick items from anvil or ranch block
  • Fixed Egg move lookup on Egg creation
  • Fix to ranch block highlighting
  • Fix to setparty
  • Fix to Egg counting when player entity switches
  • Bunch of fixes and catches for some crash bugs and console error reports
  • Fixed a crash on placing ranch blocks
  • Fixed up a console error on destroying ranch block
  • Fixed /breed to use right user-input positions
  • Fixed drops not happening if one drop on list threw exception (now all non-errored ones drop)
  • Fixed entry on drop list where sugar cane tried to drop as block instead of item, causing exception on Farfetch'd
  • Fixed Pursuit priority in database
  • Added level spawn data to Crawdaunt
  • Added riding offsets to Crawdaunt
  • Added Corphish→Crawdaunt evolution conditions
  • Fixed to breeding Shiny rate — now takes into account if original Trainers are different (double Shiny rate)
  • Fix to loading Pay Day

sábado, 4 de octubre de 2014

POR FIN LA 3.3.0!!!!

Ya llego la esperada actualización con las nuevas guarderias pokemon :D!!!

Pixelmon -- LINK

Pixelmon 3.3.0:


  • Added Corphish and Crawdaunt
  • Updated BulbasaurIvysaur and Venusaur
  • Added new models and animations for PidgeyPidgeottoand Pidgeot
  • Added ranch block model with animation
  • Added chisel
  • Added bronze, silver and gold textures to statues
  • Added Sport Ball
  • Added Quick Ball
  • Added Lure Ball
  • Added Park Ball
  • Added Cherish Ball
  • Added GS Ball
  • Added Destiny Knot
  • Added ranch upgrade item allowing extension of the ranch area
  • Added ranch upgrades to boss drops
  • Added Thai language
  • Rescaled Abra line
  • Rescaled Wartortle and Squirtle
  • Rescaled Charmander and Charmeleon
  • Fixed Rufflet and Braviary
  • BeedrillRayquaza and Weedle are no longer invisible.
  • Optimized model bone indexing
  • Update client side PP on use
  • Removed Celebi test
  • Removed Trainers from pokespawn
  • Added multi-line battle chat rendering
  • Started work on new statue maker with a cut down entity statue class to save calculations
  • Fixed up statue registration
  • Statues now float in air.
  • EvStore clean up
  • Updated language file to reflect differences in code
  • Net Ball should now have the right bonus.
  • Removed some debug print lines
  • Moved items into appropriate tabs
  • Tidied up entity code
  • PokéLoot converted to UUIDs
  • Better storage method for claimers
  • Moved language files to new submodule
  • Update to main language files
  • Update to Chinese Traditional language files
  • Update to Italian language files
  • Update to Spanish language files


  • Fix to a battle "ArrayOutOfBounds"
  • Hotbar now no longer disappears when dying in battle or during evolution.
  • Fixed up Trainer greeting message being sent on battle start
  • Fixed moves not staying ordered (in appearance) when swapping them in changing screen
  • Fix to evolving by biome lookup
  • Fix to spawn location statue being available in spawners
  • Fix to the bottom pixel of PC no longer selects the 29th position Pokemon
  • Fixed a failure with Sucker Punch
  • Fixed transparency on GuiAcceptDeny
  • Fixed "fainted" position in PokéChecker
  • Fixed up Life Orb message
  • Fix to a PC usage crash
  • Fixed a PC crash when clicking far right on party
  • Fix to a held item bug